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1.  An innovative method for preparation of structural catalysts - the application of microorganisms for the homogeneous deposition of nanoparticles over support (NCN OPUS-11, 2017-2019)

2. Development of stuctured catalys for N2O decomposition based on functional correlation: composition-morphology-performance (Projekt NCN Preludium, 2017-2018)

2.  Thermal alkali desorption from solid surfaces

3. Correlation between surface electronic properties and the catalytic activity

4.  N2O decomposition over oxide catalysts

5.  Stabilization of potassium ferrites - active phases of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst

6.  In-situ monitoring of the actual surface state during the catalytic process by Kelvin probe

7.  Engineering of stainless steel implant surfaces in order to quench the heavy metal release

8.  Synthesis of oxide nano-materials