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Completed MSc theses:

  1. The influence of morphology of metallic nanoparticles on microorganisms - Monika Zduńska (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2019, dr inż. Monika Gołda-Cępa)
  2. Potash glass as an active catalytic carrier for soot combustion reaction - Sebastian Zieliński (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2019, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  3. Functionalization of implant surfaces with casein towards increasing biocompatibility - Alicja Siuta (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2019, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  4. The promotion of Co3O4 towards N2O decomposition by group II metals - Klaudia Gębska (Chemistry, 2019, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  5. Sonochemical synthesis and embedding of nanoparticles of bioactive molecules into polymeric implant coatings- Paulina Chytrosz (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2018, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  6. Impact of alkali metal cation on catalytic properties of birnessite- Camillo Hudy (Chemistry, 2018, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  7. Therapeutic function of parylene C metal implant protective coating of: controlled release of gentamicin– Aleksandra Choryłek (Chemistry, 2016, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  8. Supported and monolitic catalysts based on cobalt spinel to N2O decomposition- Sywia Gudyka (Chemistry, 2015, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  9. Composite oxidation catalysts based on nanostructured oxides of d metals- Anna Grodzka (Chemistry, 2015, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  10. Alkali stability on a typical oxide support materials- Katarzyna Ćmil (Chemistry, 2015, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  11. Alkali on the surfaces of carbon materials - Joanna Duch (Chemistry, 2015, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  12. Supercritical synthesis of oxide nanomaterials for catalytic application- Klaudia Ciura (Chemistry, 2015, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  13. Synthesis and catalytic properties of nanohematite - Anna Kopacz (Chemistry, 2014, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  14. Synthesis and properties of transition metal oxides nanostructured by alkali - Tomasz Jakubek (Chemistry, 2014, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  15. Alkali surface promotion influence on catalytic activity of iron, mangenese and cobalt spinels- Wojciech Kaspera (Chemistry, 2014, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  16. Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation over potassium promoted iron oxide catalysts - Kinga Mlekodaj (Chemistry, 2010, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  17. Potassium doped transition metal oxides as soot combustion catalysts- Piotr Legutko (Chemistry, 2010, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  18. Investigations on the Au/TiO2 catalytic model system - Piotr Bobrowski (Material Engineering, 2010, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  19. Small particles temperature-programmed desorption on nanostructured oxide surface- Jan Kaczmarczyk (Chemistry, 2009, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  20. Synthesis and properties of ferrite phases containing alkali metals- Grzegorz Mrzygłód (Chemistry, 2008, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  21. Investigation of steam influence on catalytic activity of transition metals sulfides in the N2O decomposition reaction- Marcin Podstawski (Chemistry, 2008, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)  
  22. The effect of alkali promoters on cobalt spinel reactivity in catalytic N2O decomposition- Gabriela Maniak (Chemistry, 2008, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)  
  23. Investigations on potassium ions diffusion and desorption from ferrites phases by potential modulation and Kelvin methods- Michał Trębala (Material Engineering, 2008, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  24. Thermal potassium desorption and work function measurnets for oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts - Małgorzata Hermanowska (Chemistry, 2006, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)


Completed BSc theses:

  1. Surface functionalization of carbon nanotubes - Katarzyna Hilarowicz (Chemistry, 2021, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  2. Surface plasma functionalization of polyurethane implant materials - Paulina Gogacz (Chemistry, 2021, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  3. Application of nanoparticles as components modyfying the bioink properties - Julia Fudali (Chemistry, 2021, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  4. Synthesis of carbon materials on oxide supports and modification of their plasma oxygen properties - Anna Jurczyk (Chemistry, 2021, dr hab. Paweł Stelmachowski, prof. UJ)
  5. Research on the desorption of alkali from zeolite materials - Magdalena Rudzińska (Chemistry, 2021, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  6. Potassium desorption studies for the ethanol steam reforming catalysts - Dagmara Potyczka (Chemistry, 2021, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  7. Modification of electronic properties of mesoporous carbon materials using oxygen plasma treatment - Karolina Kadela (Chemistry, 2021, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  8. Influence of morphology on antibacterial properties of platinum nanoparticles - Joanna Pluta (Medical Chemistry, 2021, dr inż. Monika Gołda-Cępa)
  9. Alkaline glasses as components of catalysts for oxidation reactions – Magdalena Stanek (Chemistry, 2020, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  10. Effect of alkali addition in the ethanol steam reforming reaction – Piotr Patulski (Chemistry, 2020, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  11. Optimization of the supported cobalt catalyst for deN2O reaction – Bartosz Barański (Chemistry, 2020, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  12. Synthesis of carbon-TiO2 nanoparticles composite using microorganisms – Alicja Zaprzalska (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2018, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  13. Synthesis, stabilization and deposition of silver nanoparticles on the oxide materials – Irena Lenart (Chemistry, 2018, prof.Andrzej Kotarba)
  14. Modification of parylene C with oxygen plasma in purpose to enhance the biocompatibility with bone tissue - Alicja Siuta (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2017, prof.Andrzej Kotarba)
  15. The effect of doping on catalytic properties of Co3O4/Al2O3 – Klaudia Gębska (Chemistry, 2017, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  16. Preparation of structural catalysts using various active phase application techniques– Magdalena Dziedzic (Chemistry, 2017, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  17. Influence of type of alkali metal on the thermal stability of AxWO3 tungsten bronzes – Sebastian Zieliński (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2016, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  18. Thermal activation of birnessite (KMn₄O₈) leading to low-temperatured combustion of soot – Camillo Hudy (Chemistry, 2016, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  19. Polymer coating for metal implant surface made of parylene C and PLGA with the controlled drug delivery function – Paulina Chytrosz (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2016, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  20. Checking the correlation between the characteristics of electron-metallic implant surface and the ability to form biofilm – Monika Szwed (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2015, prof.Andrzej Kotarba)
  21. Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 based materials obtained in aqueous solution in subcritical and supercritical conditions - Katarzyna Kwaśik (Chemistry, 2016, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  22. The research on the catalytic properties of functionalized oxide materials - Magdalena Kołodziej (Chemistry, 2015, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  23. Preparation and characterization of supported catalysts for N2O abatement- Anna Kołodziej (Chemistry, 2015, dr Gabriela Grzybek)
  24. Potassium precursors effect on the catalytic activity of cobalt spinel in the decomposition of N2O - Mateusz Pielaszkiewicz (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2014, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  25. Functionalization of implant surface in order to improve biocompatibility- Aleksandra Choryłek (Chemistry, 2014, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  26. Preparation and properties of supported catalysts for the N2O decomposition reaction - Agata Machowska (Chemistry, 2014, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  27. Oxygen plasma modification of polymer surfaces for biomedical applications – Krzysztof Bielec (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2014, prof.Andrzej Kotarba)
  28. Nanocrystalline cerium(IV) oxide - synthesis, characterization and reactivity in the catalytic soot combustion- Joanna Wojas (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2013, prof. Andrzej Kotarba)
  29. Evaluation the influence of the conditions of polycrystalline cobalt spinel sample preparation on the work function value - Katarzyna Ćmil (Chemistry, 2013)
  30. In situ work function measurements of polycrystalline cobalt spinel in the presence of O2 - Joanna Duch (Chemistry, 2013, dr Paweł Stelmachowski, dr hab. Witold Piskorz)
  31. Contact angle measurements as a method to evaluate hydrophilicity of metal implant surfaces - Klaudia Ciura (Chemistry, 2013, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  32. Optimization of potassium promotion of supported catalyst Co3O4/CeO2 - Sylwia Gudyka (Chemistry, 2013, dr Gabriela Maniak)
  33. The industrial catalyst for the decomposition of nitrous oxide characterisation - Anna Grodzka (Chemistry, 2013, dr Gabriela Maniak)
  34. Potassium cobalt spinel nano-structurisation - synthesis, characterization and reactivity of the catalyst- Anna Kopacz (Chemistry, 2012)
  35. Study of the in-situ work function of catalytic oxide materials in the presence of O2 - Monika Kalicka (Chemistry, 2012, dr Paweł Stelmachowski)
  36. Effect of potassium promotion on electrodonor properties and catalytic activity of iron spinel in the soot combustion - Wojciech Kaspera (Chemistry, 2012)
  37. Effect of potassium promotion on electrodonor properties and catalytic activity of manganese spinel in the soot combustion - Tomasz Jakubek (Chemistry, 2012)
  38. Kinetics of metals ions release from stainless steel and titanium implants materials into artificial body fluids- Tomasz Jędruch (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 2010, prof. Kotarba)